Royal Simulation

Two day workshop for youth to understand their roles as future kings and queens and to learn skills of refinement and etiquette.  Highlights include workshops, a formal banquet and a formal dance.

Etiquette Training

Come to our Royal Simulation or watch for a class. You can also schedule a class in your area.


Articles, books, etc that we have used or recommend to learn more about roles of men and women, etiquette and refinement.




Our Philosophy

We believe that the family is the fundamental unit of society and that men and women are meant to cooperate rather than compete in life and family.  We also believe that we have the potential to become true kings and queens in the Kingdom of God with Jesus Christ as our ultimate example, even the King of Kings.  The definition of kings and queens that we use is this:  Those who are givers and protectors of life.

Our activities and classes are designed to help our youth understand and integrate these values into their lives.  We teach etiquette as a tool to help us remember who we are and to help those around us remember and feel their worth and potential.