Our Theme: Future Kings and Queens of Zion

Our theme is future Kings and queens of Zion.  We focus on understanding who we are and who we can become in the gospel perspective; that we all have the potential to become kings and queens as we follow the example of our Savior.  The definition I use for Kings and Queens is givers and protectors of life.  Further, we want to view our roles as men and women from that same gospel perspective.  Men’s roles being to provide, preside and protect and women’s to nurture as stated in the Proclamation.  We want our youth to understand accept and embrace these roles in that eternal perspective as we are strive to offset the false voices of the world that skew the vision of our roles.
The second part of our theme is that the mission of our youth today is to prepare the way and usher in the coming of our Savior, that we must begin to build Zion now and one of the ways to do that is to understand who we are and who everyone around us is and act accordingly. We teach Etiquette as a tool for us to remember these things, to begin to refine our lives so that we can welcome the Savior into our hearts, families, communities and world.