Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some answers to questions that we are commonly asked.

 What is the age limit?

The age limit is 14 and up.  This is because we are holding a dance and want to be in keeping with policy from the LDS Church.  We do allow those whose birthday is within a month to attend at discretion of the parents.

What is appropriate dress for the event?

We request you wear attire befitting future kings and queens of Zion

For Classes – modest* Sunday dress (skirt or dress for ladies, slacks and dress shirts for the gentlemen)

For Banquet and Ball – modest* Formal wear (formal dresses for ladies, suit and tie or tux for gentlemen)

We will have a place to change into your formal wear on Sat so bring it with you.

*Modest as defined in the For the Strength of Youth

What is included in the price?

Our price includes dinner on Friday night, lunch on Saturday and a catered formal banquet on Saturday night.  It also includes the costs of all activities and items that we give to the youth as part of the event, such as tiaras, rings, man cards, etc. In addition, it covers the cost of the venue where we hold the event.

Can I come to just the Ball or Banquet?

No.  The banquet and Ball are the culminating events of the weekend.  They are where the youth practice what has been learned in their classes and activities.  We do not allow those who have not attended the rest of the event to attend just the banquet and/or ball.  The only exception would be to our “alumni” who have attended the events previously.

Are the youth “pairing off” during the event for the banquet?

Some parents have had concerns that we have the youth “pairing off.”  We are only having them practice the skills of asking someone out and interacting in social situations. To do this we have the young men ask a young lady if he can escort her to the banquet.  We emphasize that this is not a date or a long term commitment. We merely want them to practice the skills of being ladies and gentlemen, such as holding a chair or standing when a lady enters or exits the table.  They then will ask someone else to escort into the Ball and only dance the first dance together.  We encourage them to interact with multiple people throughout the event.

What music do you play at the Ball? Can I make requests?

The music we play is carefully chosen to create an environment of refinement and elegance.  We stay away from most modern music and that of a very heavy beat.  We play music that has a fun uplifting beat that we can do ballroom dance to and still enjoy.  We do not accept requests unless made in advance for us to review the song and, honestly, only occassionally accept them.

Can parents come?

We welcome parents to come and sit in on our classes and activities.  If they would like to join us for meals, we would ask for payment for whichever meal they are eating.  If they are there in a volunteer/chaperone capacity, we will cover most of that cost.

What kind of performance can I do at the Evening of Elegance talent show?

We encourage the youth to share their talents of all kinds.  The only thing we ask is that it still be keeping in the spirit of refinement, meaning no scout camp type skits, nothing vulgar, and music that does not have wild beats.  We also ask that you keep it to 3-5 minutes so that we can enjoy everyone that wants to participate.

Please let Amy know what you are performing so she can set up the program and we can avoid duplication.  We may have to cap the number of participants to keep it within our time frame.