Royal Simulation


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Provo, UT Oct 27-28

Boise, ID Spring 2018


The official invitation to our Royal Simulation.  This includes all the details for the event.


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It's not about the fork, it's about the people!

The number one rule of etiquette is to help those around you feel valued and comfortable.  The rules of etiquette are tools to help us recognize and respect the divine potential within us and those around us.

It’s about Elegance and Refinement

Lorenzo Snow said, “when the Lord comes he will not expect to meet a dirty people, but a people of refinement.”

It’s about building relationships

When you understand the proper roles of men and women, it’s easier to act appropriately and respectfully towards each other.  As we build proper relationships, we are building Zion.

It’s about BECOMING

TRUE Kings and Queens –

The givers and protectors of life!

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Provo, UT Oct 27-28

Boise, ID Spring 2018

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